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ELITT (Expert Lab In Trusted Transaction) is a B-to-B service company specialized in secure electronic transactions. ELITT’s business is to verify the proper operation of products (cards, mobile phones, acceptance systems, unattended terminals, etc.) and elements of the processing chain that are submitted during the phases of design, production and deployment.

The triple expertise of ELITT (evaluation – technical consulting services – audits) applies to domains of banking transaction, transportation, healthcare and identity.

Elitt evaluates the conformity, the interoperability, the smooth operation and robustness on smart cards, mobile applications, readers and all devices (ATM, validation devices, etc.) and also on identity documents provided by manufacturers. Elitt is also capable and qualified to carry out audits for the security (logical and physical) and for the quality.

Elitt has developed some training programs on multiple specific subjects and those programs can be done in your site and we can also customize the training to be relevant to the trainees (project managers, developers, integrators…)

FrenchSys was created January 1st. 2019 as a service company to facilitate the development and the improvement of card acceptance and acquiring solutions in France.

FrenchSys is a new player in the card payment ecosystem, but it is also a renowned team of experts with a 35 years expertise in the domain of domestic and international card acceptance and acquiring solutions.

With its multi-brand, multi-technologies and multi-channel positioning, FrenchSys serves a French market rich of more than 2 Million acceptance points through its different customer segments: acquirers, card acceptors, domestic and international card schemes, as well as card solution vendors.

In the current context where integration and interoperability of card acceptance solutions are key, FrenchSys is keen to develop its service offering to the different card stakeholders and play its role of neutral facilitator on the French card acquiring market.

FrenchSys notably provides to its customers the main functional specifications and market integration for the French market and associated services.

FrenchSys is also a major contributor to European and global standardization groups, such as nexo, ECSG, ISO20022 (working on ATICA), EMVCo (as Technical and Business Associate).

SRC bundles highly up-to-date know-how in information technology and information security. Emerging from the banking industry, SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH functions as a central link between research, products and services, respectively.

SRC was founded in 2000 as the joint Payments & IT Security Competence Centre and independent consultancy of the German Banking Industry.

SRC is one of the leading consulting companies when it comes to products and services around the creation, implementation and operation of secure systems – for the banking industry, financial institutions or insurance companies, telecommunication services, the retail sector, public services or manufacturers. As an independent consultancy, SRC supports its customers in any question concerning IT security and thus designs, specifies, develops, evaluates, and certifies security applications in general, and in the areas of electronic payment transactions, chipcard-, e- and m-commerce, as well as digital signatures or the security of computer networks in specific.

SRC supports the development and maintenance of  SECCOS card-based payment applications and provides functional and security specifications for smartcards and terminals. SRC is an active contributor to many European and global standardization activities, especially nexo, ECPC/CPACE and Berlin Group. SRC takes part in EMVCo as Technical and Business Associate.

SRC operates a Common Criteria security evaluation facility (ISO 15408) approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). As a security testing lab, SRC is accredited at Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA), Dutch Payments Association (DPA), German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC), PAN-Nordic Card Association (PNC) and UK Finance to perform terminal security evaluations. In addition, SRC is an accredited EMVCo ICC and platform security evaluation lab.

Already in 2003, SRC was the first company worldwide to successfully complete the process of accreditation to conduct security assessments with both MasterCard and Visa. SRC is one of very few companies worldwide that are awarded with PCI SSC accreditations.