The EPEC Consortium | European experts in payments standardization

With the implementation of SEPA the demand to implement payments in Europe on the basis of a harmonized technical infrastructure has become stronger and stronger. The development of new European standards like nexo, ISO20022 and CPACE pave the way for uniform European card acceptance networks. New technologies like contactless and mobile create additional opportunities to come to a user-friendly payments experience and PSD 2 has led to new chances to implement payments in Europe.

But these new standards are also accompanied by various developments at a more regional level, which make use of the new standards to react on local market needs. New global and European standards enriched by local requirements are likely to determine the way how payments will be made in Europe.

It is sometimes not easy to stay ahead of all these developments in global and European standards as well as migration plans in the various payment schemes together with new regulatory requirements. At the same time, investments into payment technology are in many cases long-term investments and require stability and sustainability – in a currently very fast changing environment.

The EPEC Consortium combines the know-how of three European experts in payments standardization, who are not only active contributors to all relevant payment standardization activities, but who also combine the requirements of two of the largest payment markets in Europe.

Our Consulting & Support services

  • Workshops to present all aspects of payment standards
  • Implementations guidelines
  • Functional specifications
  • Security testing and evaluations for certification
  • Functional testing and evaluations for certification